Visit to Shakespeare St Synagogue

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In Other News

Visit to Shakespeare Street Synagogue

On Thursday 29th September 2016, we went to the Nottingham synagogue. Inside it was beautiful. We talked to a person who was a Rabbi.

First, we sat down on seats and the Rabbi talked to us about the rules of a synagogue. After that we looked at a Torah – it had very neat handwriting on it! The Torahs were kept in the Ark. There was a crown in there as well, it had jingly bells on it, and the star of David. There was a pointer and a shield – the shield had a little door in it with a Torah inside, it was beautiful! The pointer was called a Yad, it is used to point to the Torah because you are not allowed to touch the Torah.

A synagogue is very interesting!


By Ben (Year 4)

On 29th September 2016, we went to a synagogue. When we got there, we met a Rabbi. He told us all about Judaism. We got to read the Torah, but we could not touch it. We got to hold the crown and the shield, we had to hold the crown from the bottom. On the Shabbat Day (Saturday), all they can do is eat, sleep and be with their family.

By Alexandra (Year 4)