Year 6 Leavers' Concert (Summer Concert 2016)

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Year 6 Leavers’ Concert (Summer Concert 2016)

On 13th July 2016, it was the Year 6’s final concert. Beforehand we were really nervous as this was probably the biggest concert yet.

In the concert, we had songs, piano pieces and the drama club did a performance. Saffron and I (Macy) were the two Year 6s in the drama performance. It was all about memories at Colston Bassett School. At the beginning, there was a song (‘Cake by the Ocean’), followed by an acting piece, then a dance. I was most nervous for my poem as I had written it myself. Luckily it went fine and the audience clapped. The most embarrassing part was when I had to say ‘The playground’s full of wool.’ Nobody laughed.

Macy, Hannah and James did piano pieces. First up was Hannah with ‘The Rocking Horse’, she really captivated the audience. I was next up (Macy). I was really nervous at performing in front of so many people. Near the end, I made a mistake but Mrs Miller told me that I was fine and I managed to carry on. Finally, I (James) played ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ from Harry Potter. Before I played, I felt extremely anxious, however, as soon as I touched the keys, confidence came and I was happy with my performance.

There were nine songs in total. My (Macy) favourite song was ‘Friendship Forever.’ My (James) favourite song was ‘Here Comes the Sun’. Each song had a meaning; moving on, staying friends or believe in yourself.

One of the best things was the Year 6’s rap. We did it to the tune of ‘Hip Hoppy Kid’. We wore caps and sunglasses. Through some lunch times, we spent time choreographing a dance to go with it. Surprisingly we weren’t as nervous as we thought we would be. So when the music started, we went for it. It was amazing and we felt proud.

At the end, Mrs O’Dell did a speech about the Year 6s and their parents. She also announced the House Cup. The Eagles won. I (Macy) was pleased as I am the captain of Eagles. I smiled as I collected the cup. After that Mrs O’Dell had a surprise for the Year 6s. We got two pens, a biro and a fountain pen with both of our names engraved on them. We were all really grateful for the amazing gifts. After that, the parents and the children all sang ‘One More Step’. The Year 6s were given a massive whoop as they walked out.

It was a great day and we are all sorry we have to leave but know that we shall never forget the amazing times we have had here.

Thank You!

By Macy and James (Year 6)  

On the 13th July 2016 it was our Leavers’ Concert. We were upset at the thought of leaving this great school; nevertheless, we decided we would give it our all!

When we reached the village hall we waited for what seemed forever…finally the music started and it was time to go in. Firstly, we sang a few songs, and some children performed piano pieces. Quickly it was time for the drama children to perform their production. Macy and Saffron were the leavers in the drama performance. It was all about memories of the leavers’ time at Colston Bassett School. Enthusiastically all the children managed to perform: a song, a performance and a dance. It went well.

All the piano pieces engaged the audience with their lovely music. After James’ piece ‘Hedwig’s Theme’, it was our Leavers’ Rap. We put on our sunglasses and baseball caps. We felt really nervous because we didn’t want to forget the words. Nervously we walked up onto the stage, and then the music started. As Macy began her cartwheel we got even more nervous. Finally, we had finished our Leavers’ Rap and then we went on to our next song.

We had special sticks with raindrops and umbrellas on for ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’, and we had special sticks with sunshines on for ‘Here Comes the Sun’. My (Saffron) favourite songs were ‘Friendship Forever’ and ‘Here Comes the Sun’ because I really liked singing with all my friends. In ‘Friendship Forever’ all the Year 6s had a nerve-racking solo part; thankfully it went really well.

After singing most of the songs it was time for Mrs O’Dell to say some words about the leavers. Saffron’s mum and Cara’s parents were crying. Then Mrs O’Dell told us all that she would present us with some presents, and we were all very surprised and thankful. Our presents were two pens – one biro and one fountain pen with a blue ink cartridge; they also had our names engraved on them. Also Mrs O’Dell announced that the Eagles won the House Cup for the first time. We were all happy for everyone in Eagles!

After the last song ‘One More Step’ where the parents joined in singing, we had a little party to celebrate our last Leavers’ Concert. At the end of the concert we were all really happy, though it was really sad as it was our last Colston Bassett School production.

We will never forget the wonderful time we have had at Colston Bassett School. Being here has been an unforgettable start to my (Saffron) life. I have made many wonderful memories with my friends and teachers. I love the way that all the children and teachers work together through bad and good times.

By Saffron and Cara (Year 6)