Sports Day 2016

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In Other News

Sports Day 2016

On Thursday 23rd June it was Sports Day, and sadly it was my last. Before we walked out I was really nervous but I knew I would be fine.

When the tropical music started the Kestrels walked, followed by the Falcons, then us, the Eagles. We all walked one lap of the track, waving our flags. Then we got into our places and did a brilliant dance. At the beginning of the dance, I did a cartwheel.

My first race was the flat race. I can third to Tobin and James. I did quite well in the next races, coming second or third, although in the obstacle race I couldn’t get the bean bag in the hoop. Immediately after the obstacle race we had the relay. My team the Eagles came second in it.

Next was the race I was most nervous about, the long distance. Every time in the long distance practices I had beaten Yod, but sadly I didn’t on the real day. Luckily I still got a third as the Year 5s and 6s were in a different race to Yod and the Year 3s and 4s.

Before long it was the end of Sports Day and the winners of the Sports Day Plaque was about to be awarded. Mrs O’Dell said, “In third place is the Falcons, in second place are the Kestrels and the winners are the Eagles.” I was ecstatic with excitement when Mrs O’Dell handed me the plaque.

It was one of the best Sports Days ever!!

By Macy (Year 6)


Thursday 23rd June 2016 was Sports Day. Macy, Tobin, me, Amelie, Ben, Charles, Milly, Harry, Honey and William were all Eagles. The other teams were Kestrels and Falcons. The Eagles were yellow, so we had to bring yellow T-shirts to wear.

Nervously, yet calmly, I waited. Suddenly, I heard BOOM BOOM BOOM – the music had started! I quickly stepped outside. I glanced at the cheering crowd. Finally, the dance came…and went. CLAP CLAP CLAP, they went ‘yaaaaaaaaaay….’!

The third race was the flat race for Year 4. I am in Year 4 so I stood up, took a deep breath, got my feet in the right position….Eeeeeeeee! The whistle blew and a few seconds later I found myself getting a ‘Well Done’ sticker. I sat down and waited and waited.

For 7 races I waited. Then it was ‘Quoit on the Head’. Next it was race 17, the dreaded ‘Egg and Spoon’ race. My best race was ‘Under and Over’ – we won. HOORAY!! Before that it was the penalty shootout, 4 per team. The obstacle race for adults was super funny – the dads skipped joyfully to the end, their arms in the air! We laughed and laughed and laughed. HA HA HAHA.

By Hannah (Year 4)


On Thursday it was Sports Day. I was in the Falcons. First Reception did ball between the knees and Marcus won. Then it was the flat race. When it was my turn, I came third. The grass was very slippery. When it was quoit on the head, I ran to the finish line and I won. Then we did the shot putt. After that we did the egg and spoon. Then it was the under and over. My brother forced my mum and dad to play.

By Freddie (Year 2)