Donkey Daze (Visit from Footprints Theatre Trust)

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Donkey Daze (Visit from Footprints Theatre Trust)

Robin was the Donkey. Amelie and Tobin were the soldiers standing next to the stone grave. Saffron, William, Milly and James Willmott all held flags and the rest were villagers. There were lots of funny bits. The funniest bit was the bit where the soldiers screamed, it really made me laugh. I also liked the bit where the donkey was screaming about his mum. Robin used coconut shells to make the sound of the horse. It was funny and nice.

By Marcus (Reception)

On Tuesday 22nd March 2016, Footprints Theatre revisited our school. We watched an entertaining production called ‘Donkey Daze’. As it is nearly Easter this story was about a donkey who was the son of the donkey who carried Mary to the stable, but this donkey named Don Key knew Jesus.

Firstly, the man named Robin sang an exciting song about Don Key’s father. The performance began in Don Key’s little village on a sunny day when Don Key’s rope was untied. He was lead down the road. It was funny because he used coconuts for Don Key’s hooves. Then he met a sparrow, Robin used a green glove for this. Then Don Key got to the big city and people were cheering at him. At this point I got to hold some coloured bunting. The sparrow came back and said he was carrying Jesus, but Don Key didn’t believe him. Then Don Key got worried about mum telling him off. That was really funny because Robin turned his head round and a flower popped out, and he acted like Don Key’s mum would do. I laughed a lot then.

When Don Key got back to his village, Jesus got off his back and thanked him. Then Don Key sang another playful song and we all joined in. Don Key wanted to go back to the massive city, but he got lost; oh no! He met a cockerel and they talked for hours, but suddenly they saw Jesus in a cage. Don Key wanted to help Jesus so he went after him, but Jesus was already dead. Don Key was awfully sad and wanted to put flowers on his tomb. All the school was glued to the story, smiling happily. Amelie and Tobin got to be soldiers guarding the tomb but the angel scared them away. Jesus rose from the dead and Don Key sang Jesus his new and improved song, and everyone joined in.

As I watched the brilliant show I could see it in my head, it was that good. I found Footprints Theatre fun and exciting; it was a great day!


By Saffron (Year 6)