BeatFeet Drumming Workshop

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In Other News

BeatFeet Drumming Workshop

On Monday 25th April 2016, BeatFeet came to our school and taught us how to play really noisy drums called ‘djembe drums’.

First the Infants had their lesson and they were really loud but at the same time really good. Then all the Juniors had their lesson. First we were introduced to our teacher called Jude Winwood and she was really nice. Next we were told to copy a tune that meant “come in peace” and then a tune that meant “thank you”.

The djembe drums were made out of rough goat skin, soft goat skin and extremely tight rope. We learnt three notes called a boom, a slap and a tap. You had to tilt the drum otherwise it would sound out of tune.

I had a great day.

By Amelia (Year 4)

On Monday 25th April, a lady called Jude Winwood came into school to show us how to play African drums called ‘djembe drums’. They had very nice patterns on them, I had a big elephant on mine. There are three different noises you can make with your hands: a tap, a boom and a slap. The boom was the loudest and the slap made you have sore hands.

Next we did a song about chocolate cake, it was great fun. We were split into two groups. One group did the first part and the other group did the second part. It was very noisy!

Then it was time to stop. Now I want a djembe drum!

By Ben (Year 3)