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Aquinoe Talk

On the 11th February, Jean Thompson came to talk to us about the Aquinoe Learning Centre Charitable Trust.


First she showed us how needy the poor children in Africa are; the school in Kitale was falling down. I was very pleased we will be raising money for them soon. Next we were asked questions, I was very interested to find out the answers. After that we were shown what life in Kenya was like. Despite the decreased amount of food, illness and poverty, I would like to see all the wild animals.

Next we looked at the improvements Aquinoe Learning Centre was making to the school, making it easier for the children with disabilities, making the classrooms better, and providing books. Then we looked at some photos of the children and everyday things in Kenya. They had to do most things on their own, nevertheless some of the school still needs tending to, so I want to help the centre.

After looking at the charity, we looked at some artefacts from Jean’s travels in Africa. I loved the bead work on some of the objects. I also liked balancing the weaved straw bowls on my head!

I loved Jean’s talk and found looking at the artefacts and learning about everyday life in Kenya fascinating.

By Saffron (Year 6)

On the 11th February 2016, my great-aunt called Jean Thompson came to our school to talk about the Aquinoe Learning Centre Charitable Trust.

First she showed us a picture of before the centre started. Jean had a slide show with her so we saw all around the inclusive school in Kitale, Kenya. She showed us lots of pictures of poor children in need; it made me quite upset to see them. Later on we saw the photos of the improvements around Aquinoe. We saw the improved classrooms and buildings. Even though Aquinoe has improved, it is still far away from being perfect.

When the talk had finished, we all looked at the artefacts Jean had brought. There were fruit carriers, jewellery, carved boxes and sticks. Quite a lot of them were covered in beads.

I think the talk was very interesting and I hope our school will raise a lot of money for Aquinoe.

By Macy (Year 6)